Tree Space : an instrument played by the sun.

We are happy to announce and feel honored that the European Culture Centre invited us for their exhibition “Time Space Existence” running during the Venice 2020 Architecture Biennale under the theme : How will we live together? Our proposal is posing this question as a subjective experience that reaches, like music, an inner level of unconsciousness.

We created a fragile appearing structure made from interwoven thin timber elements. Together – and only together – they form a perfect balance, a unity. This symbolic meaning will be further experienced since every small movement is perceivable within the whole structure.

The circular form represents; our world, unity, equality, infinity, cyclic movement (of nature and time) and more. The purpose of the structure is to make a space for reflection and contemplation. The enclosed circular bench wraps around an artificial landscape which represents nature and shows her beauty, her fragility and dependence on humankind.

We hope the pavilion triggers thought provoking questions by showing that we, our world and eco- system are heavily dependent, interconnected and fragile.

We wanted to use an architectural material which emphasizes our dependence on nature but which is also cut out from nature, thus giving it a reciprocal message. Consequently, timber came to us as a logical choice. A tree that converted carbon dioxide into oxygen and eventually transformed into timber – material that we can use for construction.