We have developed a simple and effective manifest to live by in the studio: “love” and
“respect” (I) yourself, (II) others, (III) art and (IV) nature.

(I) Love and respect yourself: a healthy work-life balance, staying healthy physically and
mentally, taking the time for sports, relaxation, meditation, inspiration, and reflection, next to diligent work.

(II) Love and respect others: we constantly search for diverse, social, kind and respectful people (clearly stated in our vacancies). Our goal is to be open and get inspired by what each of us has to contribute. Seeing and experiencing things from different perspectives makes for better and sometimes surprising solutions.

We also search for social, kind and respectful collaborations to contribute to society as much as possible. We recently worked on developing schools in Zimbabwe for Uncommon on a pro bono basis. Uncommon is an initiative to teach coding to young adults and empower the next generation of underprivileged students. We are happy to have been able to contribute to this beautiful initiative.

(III) Love and respect art: We seek analogies and inspiration in art and use it to make our projects more meaningful and connected. Craftsmanship is part of making art – something we emphasize.

(IV) Love and respect nature: Nature is an important source of inspiration for our designs. Nature (sunlight, greenery, skies) is always part of our design. We always try to treat nature to its best ability, encouraging users to become more aware of it, thus hopefully treating nature (more) respectfully.

We believe the outcome of the unification of our manifest (love and respect for yourself, people, art and nature) results in “beautiful designs”. We try to touch people by emphasizing specific universal values with which people can resonate and get inspired. This, to us, is one of the important and powerful things of art; to inspire (and connect) people and so contribute to society.