“Form follows finance” Carol Willis

“No money no detail” Rem Koolhaas

“I’m a passionate architect, I do not work for money” Peter Zumthor

Building Cost, finance or money something an architect rather doesn’t talk about.

Money is something “vulgar” to many artists , because it’s linked to commercialism.

I believe not knowing (or being able to) about finance (as an architect!) results either in paper architecture or architecture for the super wealthy (which is in a sense “vulgar” too)…

In the end an artist “has to” think about how his message/idea is being concretised.

I also believe it’s very important not to focus too much (and often not at all) on finance, since finance can really suppress the creative process.

We believe working with a low budget is for this reason one of the most creative exercises, something our studio has (often necessarily) become quite good at.

Please find below a link with all the facts and figures from most of our completed projects.

Building Costs Julius Taminiau Architects (opens in new tab)